ST1 Compression Tweeters

Our ST1 Super Tweeter is in a class by itself. Featuring a full Neodymium magnet structure and efficiencies of 115 dB, this tweeter gives you the performance of 2 tweeters in one package. 1.25” voice coil and a frequency response out to 20Khz creates the audiophiles choice for a true high performance tweeter.



  • 1.25” Full Neo Super Tweeter
  • 100 watts RMS power handling.
  • 1.25” Voice Coil with Ferro-Fluid cooling
  • Full Neodymium Magnet structure.
  • Only 1.650” mounting depth.
  • Frequency Response 3.5KHz to 20Khz
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • 115 dB efficiency.
  • Replaceable diaphragm.